Eating a balanced diet and getting the proper nutrition is a vital part of remaining healthy as you age. It will help you keep your weight stable, stay energized and get the proper nutrition you need. It also reduces the chances of developing chronic conditions like heart disease and diabetes. For many reasons healthy eating for seniors is exponentially important. 

Fresh Fruits

Not only do fresh fruits like strawberries, blueberries and oranges taste great — they also have a variety of vitamins , minerals and antioxidants your loved one needs to stay alert. It is important to remember however that fruits are high in sugar. Limit the intake of your loved one to fresh fruits, as opposed to canned and refined fruit and fruit juices, which also add sugar to retain flavor.


Dark leafy vegetables provide essential nutrients. Home care providers for elderly adults should focus on serving veggies such as kale , broccoli, and collard greens to seniors, as these are the most nutrient-dense vegetables.


Focus on providing whole grain bread, brown rice, and oats to their loved one for a better carbohydrate source. These foods which are rich in fibers and nutrients will support your digestion and protect your heart.


Younger adults need protein to stay fit and to protect against high cholesterol. In this respect, proper nutritional needs are similar for elderly folks, but the main reason seniors need protein is for muscle strength.

With age the muscle mass decreases so protein is essential. Atrophied muscles can lead to a loss of mobility and falls. Seniors require just as much protein, if not more, than younger adults do.

Nutritional Needs For Senior

Proper nutrition is essential for older adults to maintain cellular function in the body, improve the immune system and protect against physical and mental illness.


For many reasons the whole body requires sufficient potassium levels. This mineral is essential for bodywide cellular function like heart , muscles, nervous system, and blood.

For older adults diet should always provide good potassium levels to maintain solid muscles and safe levels of blood pressure.


There are a few advantages to the important part of senior’s proper nutrition. Fiber is essential to preserving good digestive health and preventing constipation. In addition, many fibre-rich foods such as whole grains are important to promote heart health.

Vitamin B12

Deficiency of vitamin B12 affects up to 15 percent of adults over 60.  Why? The ability of the digestive system to consume protein-bound vitamin B12 is diminishing with age. Lack of this essential nutrient affects both the blood and the central nervous system greatly.

Although young people are definitely susceptible, the effects among the elderly are much more pronounced. This can include anemia, tingling or numbness, fatigue, poor balance and loss of memory.

Remember That Calcium Is Critical

To protect bone health, everyone needs calcium, but seniors should really bone up on calcium-rich foods such as low-fat dairy produce. A calcium supplement, typically combined with vitamin D — its bone-building partner — will also help you get what you need.

Isotonix Calcium Plus provides the body with an optimal blend of calcium , vitamin D3, magnesium, vitamin C, and boron in an efficient, readily absorbed isotonic solution. Isotonix dietary supplements, such as tears, plasma, and breast milk, are a replica of the body’s own fluids. Many of the human body’s fluids have a certain concentration which is called osmotic pressure.

Consider Supplement 

Proper nutrition has its problems during golden years. As we age our bodies become less effective in consuming vital nutrients, so it’s important to make sure that we get the right vitamins and minerals. A safe way to ensure you get all the nutrients you need is by taking a multivitamin supplement every day. 

Make sure you get the right nutrients might not turn the clock back, but they will help keep it wound up. Isotonix Multivitamin Fifty Plus is an isotonically capable food supplement specially formulated with a wide variety of nutrients that help promote the health of adults 50 + and help keep the clock ticking efficiently. Isotonix Multivitamin Fifty Plus supplements dietary deficiencies and helps to maintain normal metabolic function as you age. 

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