You get out of your routine by traveling to new places — that’s a major part of the fun. But delayed meals, unfamiliar food, being more active than usual, and various time zones can all interfere with diabetes management. Plan ahead so you can rely on more fun and less pressure on the way to your destination and when you arrive.

Diabetes can make everyday life more challenging and travel more difficult, but it does not keep you close to home. The better you prepare ahead, the more you’ll be able to relax and enjoy all of your trip’s exciting experiences.

Get Doctors Note

get doctors note before travelling with diabetes

The amount of pushback you might get at any form of security checkpoint (airports, train stations, museums, etc.) can vary considerably depending on the country, particular place, individual security guards, screening technology, recent events around the globe that threaten public safety, etc.

Get Travel Insurance

Regulations and costs for local healthcare vary greatly from country to country. Always ensure that you are protected in the event that you decide to use the local health care system.

Pack Your Diabetes Supplies In A Carry-On Bag

Put your diabetes supplies in a carry-on bag (insulin in your checked luggage may get too cold). Think of bringing in a smaller bag for insulin, glucose tablets and snacks at your seat.

Pick it up double the amount of medication you think you need. Carry medicines in the pharmacy bottles they come in, or ask your pharmacist to print extra labels on plastic bags that you can attach.

To account for missed or delayed meals, you can always carry with snacks in your backpack or carry-on. It is also wise to keep concentrated sources of glucose, such as glucose tablets, ready for a fast boost in case you need.

Check Drug Restrictions At Your Destination

Drug approvals vary from country to country. If you are traveling abroad, check if your country of destination imposes any extreme drug prohibitions. If you visit your doctor, it is better to adhere to these by altering the medication.

Make A Check-List

With a checklist, preparation is made effective and this is true for everyone who makes travel plans. When you have your plans in place, make a list to keep track of what you need to do, you need to buy, and even of what you have. This is the best way to avoid missing items, particularly when you are bringing in diabetes medications, important snacks, maybe even insulin.

A Contact List

Yeah, yet another list! But that is just as crucial. It will be a list of your contacts, including the embassy, at the location you are visiting. You might even provide somebody’s phone numbers back home who knows about your plans and itinerary.

Extra Supplies To Be Brought

Bring with you two blood glucose monitors (packed separately each) and extra supplies up to 2 weeks, including insulin, test strips and lancets, glucose meter batteries, and insulin pump supplies. It might also be a smart idea to bring fast acting insulin to treat high blood glucose in a pinch, even though you don’t normally use it.

Pack Extra Supplement That Helps Your Blood Sugar 

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