Childhood isn’t all fun and games. Even young children can feel worried and stressed. Stress can come from outside, for example from family , friends and school. It can come from the kids themselves too. Children may expect so much of themselves as adults, and then feel overwhelmed when they feel they have failed.

Help your child change his or her attitude from “stress hurts” to “stress helps.” If children realize that stressful situations won’t last forever, stress can be an impetus to development. These situations rather reflect problems to be resolved and lessons to be learned.

1. Acknowledge Your Child’s Feelings

talking with your stressed child

When kids seem sad or scared, tell them you think they are sad or frightened. Reassure them, if appropriate, that you can understand why they would feel sad or scared.

2. Fixed Thought To A Growth Mindset

We sometimes feel stressed in stressful circumstances and are more likely to slip into a fixed mindset thinking process; there is nothing we can do to improve the situation, our talents are limited to what we can do, and we may as well stop trying.

Help your child look at the situation from the perspective of a growth mentality-it is n’t fixed, it can be changed and they have the power to change the situation.

3. Give Time To Play

Younger kids would of course do this. But older kids will forget just to play. Combine physical activity with recreation, which is important to well-being. Some ideas include: mountain biking, baseball throwing, wrestling and hiking.

4. Teach Them Some Quick Calming Strategies

The trick to getting a good deep breath is making your belly lift, not your mouth. Make them place one hand on the stomach and one hand on the chest. When they breathe in they should move out their stomach. And should move their stomach in as they breathe out. Using toys to make it more enjoyable, like bubbles, a pinwheel, or fall asleep on their stomach with a teddy bear.

Imagine your child’s favorite in the world. Maybe it’s the beach, the woods, or at a quiet place in your house. Do they use their senses to think about this place-what are they seeing, hearing, feeling? Encourage them to spend a few minutes there.

5. Have Priority On Sleep

Sleep is vital to everything from reducing stress to mood boosting to improving performance at school. If your child doesn’t get enough sleep, then that’s another red flag they ‘re overdone.

Emphasizing the importance of sleep is also beneficial, and creating an environment that encourages it. For example, keep TV-and other gadgets-out of the bedroom for your kid. 

6. Model Healthy Coping Strategies

As parents we are the first teachers of our children. They watch our activities and when we are stressed out they see what we are doing. We need good model, healthy strategies for coping too.

There’ll always be stress, but how you handle it is all about that. The better your child will develop healthy coping skills, the greater the coping skills repertoire will be. They can effectively handle challenging situations with a good set of coping strategies.

7. Talk To Your Kids 

If you think that your kid is being stressed or bullied, open the communication lines by asking about his or her day and challenges. Especially for older kids who don’t want to be told what to do, you can help them find out their own solution to their problems.

8. Keep Your Child Well Fed, And Add Multivitamins

Children who lack the necessary nutrients may be more likely to experience stress than children who eat a balanced diet. Verify that your child eats sufficient quantities of all food groups and small amounts of junk food, caffeine and sugar.

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