Children should know that the heart is a muscle and that works hard to provide the blood that their bodies need. Even the heart provides oxygen and nutrients, and rids the waste body. Show your child where his healthy heart is by pointing the middle of his chest to the left. Place a hand on your child’s heart to feel the heartbeat.Explain that the heart fills with blood with every beat, and either contracts or tightens to push out the blood. Children will imitate this by opening their hands and closing them.

There’s a misconception that heart disease affects only adults, but at any age, the reality is heart disease can affect anyone. And children may be diagnosed with heart attacks just days , weeks, or months old. Some are born with congenital heart disease, a defect in how their hearts function or the heart muscle structure. 

Your child will get a head start from an early age on living a balanced life and keeping a healthy heart. Encouraging and helping your kids take preventive measures such as eating a healthy diet, keeping weight in normal range and exercising regularly is never too early. Find out how to keep a healthy heart for your precious child.

Take Them Out Of Breath

Any activity is good but it’s even better to have things that leave them breathless. The more activity kids get, the stronger their hearts will get, particularly of the “breathless” variety. A growing body of evidence points to this step as one of the most significant factors for maintaining health and prolonging life.

Eat Well And Drink Too

Couple physical activity with healthy eating and you’re creating an even stronger heart protection defence. Children ( and adults) should eat five portions of fruit and vegetables each day, which are naturally low in fat, calories and sodium, providing essential vitamins , minerals and fiber.

And it’s not only what you’re eating but even what you’re drinking. Replace sugar, low-nutrient beverages — such as soda and sports drinks — for more balanced alternatives such as low-fat or non-fat milk, water and 100 percent (moderately) fruit juice.

Keep The Children Moving

Children do not perform the same activity as adults do, but they can still be active. Set limits on the amount of screen time your child is allowed every day, and promote play outside. If weather doesn’t require outside time, encourage active indoor play to keep your children moving. They don’t have to play catch, but hide and seek is much more fun than sitting on the couch!Or, make a game out of doing chores, like house cleaning. 

Laugh Or Make Fun

making your child laugh promotes a healthy heart

There’s nothing sweeter than the laughter of a child, and it turns out that cracking jokes can help to sustain heart health. The researchers found that laughter induces dilatation or expansion of the endothelium to increase blood flow. So have fun and make your kid happy to help keep his heart safe.

Add Supplement for a Healthy Heart

For adults, antioxidants are not only important; they also provide incredible benefits for growing children. Sometimes, though, children have trouble getting full antioxidant protection from their regular diet , especially if they’re picky eaters.That’s why we’re proud to be providing one of the most full, successful antioxidant products available for kids – DNA Miracles Isotonix OPC-3. DNA Miracles Isotonix OPC-3 is in a class of its own in child nutrition, providing your child with a detailed formula designed to promote growth and development, as well as to provide antioxidant protection.

DNA Miracles Isotonix OPC-3 helps the heart health of your child with excellent ingredients, including the extensively researched, clinically used Pycnogenol ® plant extract. As other Isotonix products, the Isotonix Delivery Method is used by DNA Miracles Isotonix OPC-3 – supplying the nutrients of the drug efficiently and easily, optimizing effects that can be quickly felt.

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