Healthy joints can help you stay mobile while you are aging. And though you may not be able to escape injuries entirely or stop health problems such as arthritis, there are certain things you can do to protect your joints throughout your life.

Joint problems come in many ways and at best they can be painful and at worst very crippling. Whether after workout, weekend home updates or even sending emails to loved ones, joint disorders are highly common and can affect adults of all ages. So much of that is due to the inflammation.

Despite what conventional medicine might tell you, you do not need to live with joint pain or rely on harsh medications. You will find help for your inflammatory response and regain a healthy , active life by improving your diet, getting regular exercise in the fresh air and stocking up on some key supplements!

Keep Moving

Staying active will help reduce your joint stiffness. Over the day you can switch around often and avoid staying too long in one position. Low-impact exercise — such as walking, swimming, cycling, strength training, stretching — can help your joints remain healthy, and could even help you lose those extra pounds. You should make sure to keep healthy joints when performing some form of exercise by taking it slowly at first and wearing proper protective equipment when necessary.

Keep Healthy Weight

exercising to keep healthy joints

Being overweight puts unnecessary pressure on your weight-bearing joints like your elbows, ankles, hips and back. And according to the Arthritis Foundation, each pound of excess weight that you carry results in another four pounds of extra pressure on your weight-bearing joints. You can limit the amount of stress on your joints by reaching and maintaining a healthy weight, and reduce the risk of joint damage.

Get Strong and Healthy Joints

Strong muscles and bones support the healthy joints and provide stability. Adding to your routine strength training exercises will help you develop muscles that keep your joints healthy and mobile. Your strength training routine should include core-strengthening exercises for your abdominal, back, and chest muscles; a strong core can help prevent balance problems, falls, and other accidents that could cause joint injury. Weight-bearing exercises like walking or running will help you keep healthy joints and bones.

Vitamin D And Vitamin K2

Getting enough vitamin D along with vitamin K2 would also enable you to absorb enough calcium, which is necessary for your bone health and, hence, your joint. After all, it’s where you cross the bones! Fish and sunlight are major vitamin D sources.

Isotonix Vitamin D with K2 includes vitamin D3, the metabolically active form of vitamin D, along with vitamin K2, a type of vitamin K that promotes the use of calcium and vascular health. While working with vitamin K to facilitate normal calcium absorption and promote healthy arteries, vitamin D plays an important role in bone health, heart health, and immune support.

Using Proper Posture

Proper posture will prevent added stress on your joints and reduce the risk of damage to the muscles around you. Being conscious of your posture when doing repetitive movements, sitting, and standing — and being particularly vigilant while carrying or lifting heavy items — will protect you from painful injury or joint damage.


Lots of people feel joint pain as the body ages. One choice is to take a joint supplement to contribute to overall bone and joint health promotion. There are three key ingredients present on the market in most products when looking at a joint supplement: glucosamine, chondroitin, and methylsulfonylmethane, more commonly called MSM.

Research on both chondroitin and MSM is particularly contentious. For example, chondroitin is absorbed very poorly due to its high molecular weight. In addition, one of the functions of chondroitin is to increase the level of hyaluronic acid in synovial fluid; while Isotonix ‘s new Prime Joint Support Formula specifically provides hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid plays an important role in hydration, lubrication and cellular function of the tissues. Likewise the MSM analysis is not definitive. In reality, it takes a large daily amount of MSM (2-6 grams) to make a difference and see effects.

The research behind glucosamine, on the other hand, is reliable, and its benefits are effective. Prime Joint Support Formula contains glucosamine, which is naturally produced by the body, and is a key cartilage component. An aminomonosaccharide (a combination of amino acid — glutamine and sugar — glucose), glucosamine is concentrated in joint cartilage, has been clinically proven to help healthy joint function and promote normal synovial fluid production which lubricates the joints and regenerates cartilage.

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