From time to time, we all worry, and get upset. It is a normal part of life, isn’t it? But when that anxiety or anger takes over, what happens and you can’t calm down? It’s always better said than done to be able to relax yourself in the moment.

That’s why getting a few common tactics will support you when you’re feeling nervous or upset. Below are some quick and effective ways to calm down yourself if you are stressed.

Relax Your Body

If you’re nervous or frustrated, it may feel as if every muscle in your body is tense (and possibly tight). Practicing gradual relaxation of the muscle is one of the best ways to calm down and concentrate.

To do so, lie down by your side on the floor with your arms extended. Be sure that your feet are not crossed, and that your hands are not in your fists. Start at your toes and say release them. Moving your body up slowly, reminding yourself to release every part of your body before you get to your heart.

Do Deep Breathing Exercises

Breathing is the number one and most powerful method for speedily minimizing anger and anxiety, “says Delphi Behavioral Health’s Scott Dehorty, LCSW-C.

You tend to take short, shallow breaths when you’re nervous, or upset. Dehorty says this sends a message to your brain, which will trigger a positive feedback loop to strengthen your response to fight or flight. That’s why taking long, deeply soothing breath breaks the loop and allows you to calm down.

There are different breathing methods to help calm you down. Another is at breathing in three sections. Three-part breathing allows you to take one deep breath in and then completely exhale while your body is being thought for.

Let Go Of Anxiety Or Anger

Dehorty recommends exercise to get the mental energy out. “Take a walk, or run. [Engaging] serotonin in some physical activity [releases] to help you calm down and feel better.

Visualize Your Calm

This tip allows you to practice the principles of breathing you have learned. Close your eyes after taking a few deep breaths and imagine yourself relaxed. See your body relaxed, and imagine yourself working through a situation that causes stress or anxiety by staying calm and focused.

Listen To Music

man listening to music one of the best ways to calm down when stressed
Relaxed man lying down at the meadow and listening to music

Next time you feel your level of anxiety cranking up, grab some headphones and listen in to your favorite songs! Music listening can have a very relaxing effect on both your body and mind.

Take Some Fresh Air

The circulation of temperature and air in a room can make your anxiety or anger grow. When you feel stressed, and the room in which you are is hot and stuffy, this might cause a panic attack.

Drop Your Shoulder

If your body is tense your posture will suffer a good chance. Stand up, take a deep breath, and shoulder down. To do so, you should concentrate on bringing together and then down your shoulder blades. It drags down your arms. Take those deep breaths. Which you should do many times a day.

Work Out

Exercising is the great reducer of anger.Once you get into the zone when you’re exercising, all in the world seems perfect. You just forget to be angry. You just concentrate on the moment.

Fuel Your Body

Whether you’re hungry or not hydrated properly, all of these strategies aren’t effective. That’s why calming down and having something to eat is important-even if it’s just a small snack.

Calming Supplements

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