Cold and flu catch up with us. You’ll learn how to strengthen your defenses keep bay viruses that cause problems to improve your immune system and alleviate symptoms.

Cold and flu germs are putting us in ambush. They ‘re invisible on surfaces or in the air. It is not until you get the sniffles or sore throat that you realize that you have been identified.

This timely guide will help you stay away, and develop your resistance. You will find practical ways to reduce your germ exposure and will find preventive steps to help you and your family stay cold-and-flu-free.

1. Rest Enough

The body is an incredible tool that helps you accomplish goals, digest food and do your job every day. For all that the body is doing for you, you need time to rejuvenate and relax and get ready for the next day.

In fact, your cells regenerate and rebuild themselves during sleep, which is why having at least seven hours of sleep a night is essential to keeping your immune system safe.Having enough sleep helps the immune system fight diseases as the body produces hormones when you’re sleeping, such as melatonin, serotonin, growth hormones and prolactin, all of which your body needs desperately to work properly. Sleep heals so make sure you get enough to help a strong immune system every night.

2. Eat A Balanced Diet

Eating a balanced diet of adequate carbohydrates , proteins and healthy fats keeps the immune system working efficiently and helps protect against disease. As Hippocrates said, Let your food be your medicine and let your food be your medicine.Most people rely on over-the-counter medications to keep them alive through the winter months, but consuming a diet rich in fiber and whole foods will make disease prevention even more effective.

Note, the number one defense mechanism against ALL disease is a strong immune system. “By eating healthy, you can throw away antibiotics, and naturally improve the immune system.

3. Drink Plenty Of Water

woman drinking water to boost defenses against cold and flu

Every day, most people don’t drink close to enough water which can be harmful to maintaining good health and helps prevent the infection of cold and flu. Doctors recommend drinking at least eight 8-oz glasses a day for most people, as water helps your body perform many of the required functions, including cleaning up toxins, supplying your blood with oxygen, distributing white blood cells and nutrients into your body’s tissues, improving digestion, and controlling your brain chemistry. Since our bodies are made up of 50-75 percent water everywhere, we need to keep hydrated in order to keep all the functions of our body performing optimally.

4. Exercise to Fight Cold and Flu Symptoms

Exercise offers a variety of benefits, such as managing hormones, calming brain chemistry, controlling appetite, and encouraging a better night’s sleep, but do you know it can even help you fend off colds? Research shows that exercising for five days per week for at least thirty minutes a day will greatly improve the immune system and keep the colds and flu at bay. If you’re too cold to work outside, you can do exercises at home, or go to a local gym.

5. Get Plenty Of Vitamin C Supplement

Absorption and potency are the two most significant considerations when looking for top-quality dietary supplements. Once combined with water, isotonix supplements have the same pH and osmotic pressure as body fluids like tears, plasma, and blood. In order for nutritional content to be absorbed meaningfully, all food must be converted into an isotonic state. It could take up to three hours to complete. This time-consuming method limits how much nutrients the body consumes.

Our Isotonix Vitamin C, however, sets itself apart from other products on the market providing you with the highest nutrient absorption inside the drug in the shortest possible period. All in all, Isotonix Vitamin C is the most cost-effective delivery of the nutrients your body needs. Isotonix Vitamin C Formula’s liquid structure brings vitamins and minerals in an excellent place for absorption and superior delivery to body systems. Isotonix Vitamin C is an excellent drug that leaves you with peace of mind, realizing that for your health you are doing the most and the most.

6. Apple Cider Vinegar

Drinking a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar every day helps create an alkaline atmosphere in your body that keeps the immune system functioning properly and makes it easier for the body to fight off colds. If the vinegar is by itself too solid, add it to a glass of water or tea. It can be used as a preventive method. Or, at the first sign of sickness, use it and repeat it before symptoms subside.

7. Zinc

Zinc is a trace mineral, it is second only to iron as the body’s most concentrated trace mineral. Your body does not contain zinc naturally, so it has to be obtained by diet or supplements. Evidence shows that zinc can improve immune function, regulate blood sugar levels and help maintain healthy skin , eyes and heart.Due of its ability to strengthen the immune system and reduce inflammation, many over-the-counter drugs contain zinc as an ingredient. Many benefits of zinc include its antioxidant activity (reduces the effects of free radicals), it can boost the health of your eyes, heart and skin, and it can help regulate blood sugar levels.

The amount of zinc you need varies according to the form of zinc you ‘re taking. Zinc sulfate, for example, has about 23 percent elemental zinc, and you’d need to take 100mg of zinc sulfate to get 23mg of elemental zinc. The recommended daily dosage for adults is usually 15–30 mg of elemental zinc.Because of the possible side effects associated with excess zinc intake, it is best not to reach the upper limit of 40 mg per day-even under medical supervision (2). Zinc can cause certain side effects, including digestive problems, flu-like symptoms and reduced copper absorption and antibiotic efficacy. Some foods, such as nuts , seeds, legumes, meat , seafood and dairy are rich in zinc.

8. Use Immune Vitamin Supplement

Maintaining the body safe can be seen as a full-time task. The regular demands, obligations and ongoing pressures of a busy lifestyle sometimes generate a condition in which the body’s immune system may require extra support, given your best efforts. With its own combination of immune stimulating ingredients — like the Wellmune ® clinically tested and the unique delivery system offered only by Isotonix.Not only will Isotonix Immune offer full absorption, it will also give primacy to the natural immune response. Use Isotonix Immune on a regular basis makes remaining busy, solid and healthy during the year so much easier. A balanced immune system is helping to shape the health and wellness basis.Isotonix Immune is designed to assist your inborn immune cells, encourage natural immune response participation and help you stay healthy and energetic .

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