Getting the appropriate nutrients is the key to achieving and maintaining optimum health. Yet, many people don’t. Grabbing a meal on the run, preferring fast food during working hours, and other eating patterns render us unwell, as our body then starts to lack vital nutrients – especially vitamins and minerals. They also tend to experience adverse effects, such as sickness, exhaustion, and more. Specifically, vitamin C deficiency has many distinctive warning signs.

What is Vitamin C deficiency?

Deficiency, or absence, of vitamin C in the body exists because your food lacks adequate levels of vitamin C. A deficiency of vitamin C means the new collagen can not be produced over time. It allows various tissues within the body to continue breaking down and impacting the body’s protection and repair against many diseases. Severe (chronic) vitamin C deficiency can result in a disease known as scurvy, typically over a period of around three months or more.

Signs of Vitamin C Deficiency

Vitamin C deficiency signs include:

Dry and Damaged Skin

Vitamin C maintains the skin healthy by shielding it from oxidative harm caused by the sunlight and exposure to pollution such as tobacco smoke or ozone. It also encourages the development of collagen, which maintains the skin looking plump and High intakes of vitamin C are correlated with better skin quality, although lower intakes are correlated with an decreased risk of developing rough, wrinkled skin 10 per cent. 

While rough, damaged skin may be related to vitamin C deficiency, several other causes may also affect it.

Your Wounds Takes Time to Heal

The vitamin C deficiency disrupts with the formation of tissue, causing slower healing of wounds. This is known to be an early sign of disease and certain indications and effects will presumably first occur.

Bone Loss

Bone health can also be affected by vitamin C deficiency. Lower consumption of vitamin C was reportedly related to the decreased likelihood of fracture and osteoporosis. Studies have found that vitamin C plays a critical role in bone formation so the rate of bone loss can be increased by a deficiency. Children’s skeletons may be particularly affected by vitamin C deficiency, as they continue to grow and develop. Vitamin C supplements have recently been recognized as playing a significant function in preventing and curing osteoporosis owing to its potential to improve bone density.

Poor Immunity

Vitamin C is an essential immune-system booster. Low levels of vitamin C are correlated with an elevated risk of infection whereas extreme deficiency may contribute to death from such viral or infectious diseases.

How to Prevent Vitamin C Deficiency

If you’re not a fan of oranges or citrus fruits, it’s good to note that you can get more vitamin C. And the dietary intake is important; we can’t actually generate vitamin C in our own bodies, so we need to get all of that from either vitamin c enriched foods or supplements. It’s not just sunlight and orange juice either; vitamin C is essential for proper body functioning, most notably in the production of healthy collagen and bone and skin repair, and not getting enough will begin to play havoc with your body.

Oral vitamin C supplements are also widely available, and several of them contain enough vitamin C. If the signs persist despite many days of adjustments in the diet, consult a doctor.

The Best Vitamin C Supplement For You

Absorption and effectiveness are the two most significant considerations when looking for top quality dietary supplements. When mixed with water, Isotonix Vitamin C supplements have the same pH and osmotic pressure as body fluids like tears, plasma, and blood. All products must be transformed into an isotonic state for effective absorption of nutritional material to take place. It could take up to three hours to finish. A time-consuming method determines how much nutrients the body consumes. Our Isotonix Vitamin C, however, sets itself apart from other products on the market supplying you with the highest nutrient absorption inside the drug in the shortest possible period.

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