When you’re vegan, certain vitamins and minerals may be challenging to find in your diet. If you’re already a vegetarian, one question might stop you from going vegan: will I get enough of the vitamins and minerals? A popular concern with vegan diets is that they should have all the vitamins and minerals that the body requires, but they are encouraged to stop taking supplements. 

Many believe that a whole-food, plant-based diet conveniently satisfies all the specifications of the daily nutrients. Although consuming whole foods may be vegan and remain well-nourished, many people choose to enhance their diet with supplements.

The vitamins which are neglected from most vegetarian diets 

One of the main concerns that arise when switching from an all-inclusive diet to a meat-free one is the increased chance for vitamin deficiency. As serious health complications can arise from a long-term deficiency in any of the main essential vitamins, it is therefore absolutely necessary to have a clear sense of what each vitamin does and how it can be obtained as the all-inclusive diet changes to a strict primarily plant-based one.

Learn about the most common vitamins and supplements vegan should take in this article, and why they are important.

  1. Vitamin B12

Vitamin B-12 can be the most essential vitamin for vegans. It is important to maintain a lot of body functions working. 

This vitamin plays a part in red blood cell production, helps to metabolize proteins and also maintains a balanced nervous system. While everyone may have low amounts of vitamin B-12, vegans usually have a greater chance of deficiency, because this nutrient has few vegan sources.

  1. Vitamin D

Vegetarians have far lesser food options which contain vitamin D. Vitamin D is essential for many important functions, supporting hormone regulation, sustaining immune function, and supporting the absorption of calcium for bone health. Excluding the beef, fish, or poultry, vegetarians will rely on enriched grains and cereals as their main source of vitamin D. Unfortunately, only a few foods contain vitamin D naturally, and foods enriched with vitamin D are often regarded insufficient to meet the daily needs. But hey good thing is that they can get it from natural supplements.

  1. Calcium

Calcium is a mineral that is reliant on vitamin D for proper absorption. Calcium is especially important for maintaining healthy bones throughout your whole life. And if you’re an enthusiastic eater-of-greens, you can suggest supplementing with calcium. This is particularly accurate if you drink coffee or tea or green tea since it has been shown that caffeine interferes with calcium absorption.

  1. Iron

Iron is an important mineral that helps red blood cells carry oxygen and nutrients to the cells of the body. Heme iron originates from animal sources, and non-heme iron can be found in plants. 

Vegetarians can derive non-heme iron from a vegetable-rich diet. Non-heme iron, though, is not absorbed as readily by the body. Not enough iron can cause anemia and symptoms such as weakness and reduced immune function. If you get enough iron, a routine blood test can reveal. If iron levels in your blood are low, supplements or multivitamins with iron can help. 

  1. Zinc

Zinc is a mineral that is extremely important for metabolism, immune function, and body cell repair. 

Few vegetable foods have high quantities of zinc. In addition, due to its phytate content, zinc absorption from certain plant foods is limited. Insufficient zinc intake can lead to developmental problems, hair loss, diarrhea, and delayed healing of wounds. Therefore vegetarians are advised to take zinc-enriched supplements.

The All in One Supplement Vegans Should Take

Every vegetarian diet is different. Each aspect of your lifestyle can influence what supplements you should take, not just your dietary preferences. Be careful about your daily nutrition, as vitamin deficiencies can have long-lasting effects.

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