Many of us are taking significant measures to stay healthy despite the diseases and pandemic. But did you know that a weakened immune system can make a person more susceptible to infections varying from viruses to common cold (often caused by less deadly virus types)? And there are a few known factors that undermine immune function. 

Indications You Have a Weak Immune system

When you’ve found that you’re frequently sick, feel drained, or have other persistent symptoms you can’t find out, it can indicate a weak immune system.

Common Colds is Always Present

Sneezing and sniffling from two to three colds every year is completely common for adults. The majority of people come back within seven to ten days. However if you catch colds frequently – or have a cold that won’t run its course – it’s a clear indication that your immune system is having trouble keeping up.

Your Wounds Are Taking Time to Heal

After you have a burn, cut or bruise your skin goes into damage control. Your body automatically sends nutrient-rich blood to the wound to help repair new skin, to protect the injury. The process of healing depends on healthy immune cells. But if the immune system is weak the skin will not be able to regenerate. Instead, the wounds are persistent and have difficult healing times.

Lingering Digestive Issues

If you have persistent diarrhea, gas or constipation, it may be a sign of weakened immune system. 

Research indicates that almost 70 % of your immune system is in the digestive system. The good bacteria and microorganisms living there are protecting the body against infection and supporting the immune system. 

Low levels of these helpful gut bacteria will put infections, chronic inflammation, and even autoimmune disorders at risk for you.

Constantly Feeling Tired

constantly feeling tired is a sign of weak immune system so you may need an immune system booster

Although there may be numerous reasons why you feel exhausted, having a weakened immune system may be one of them, especially if you still have vague symptoms such as painful joints, stomach upset and reduced appetite.

How Antioxidant works as an Immune System Booster?

‘Antioxidant’ is a catchword that often appears in the propaganda of health and wellbeing. And it’s not surprising – these powerful compounds are designed to protect the body against those reprehensible enemies who threaten DNA: free radicals.

Many areas of the body are susceptible to free radical damage but particularly sensitive is the immune system. The hero who’s jumping to your defense? Of course, antioxidants. In an order to keep the body functioning efficiently, these little immune system booster fellows neutralize and remove free radicals from the bloodstream. However, in most situations, those troublesome free radicals outnumber the body’s production of naturally occurring antioxidants. Therefore you need a continuous supply of antioxidants from external sources, such as OPC-3, to maintain a secure, balanced status quo.

Why Isotonix OPC-3?

Isotonix OPC 3 offers full antioxidant defense and an effective immune system booster, which combats free radicals and other conditions that cause immune system damage. Pine Bark, Red wine extract, and grape seed extract which are the key ingredients of OPC-3 are the perfect free radical neutralizers. These three ingredients tend to be even more effective when mixed.

If you still want to be healthier, achieve lower cholesterol levels, more energy, and overall feel better; start with a good antioxidant. When you know what an antioxidant can do to you, you’re probably wishing you started using it years ago. Try it here today!

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