Our bodies require vital nutrients for their everyday development, maintenance and repair. A nutrient is something that offers necessary nourishment for development and improving the quality of life. 

There are many foods and supplements that are healthy for us, but there is a handful that we need to be particularly mindful to have in our diets. Enhancing physical well-being is the primary advantage of ensuring sufficient amounts of these nutrients.

Why Nutrients are Important?

Vitamins and minerals are micronutrients, and small doses go a long way. These are the 6 essential vitamins to incorporate in your diet.


Don’t be misled by the low-carb craze. For a healthy body carbohydrates are needed. The carbohydrates are an essential source of energy. They also control the unconscious functions of the body, including heartbeat, breathing and digestive processes, along with supplying fuel for physical exercise. Carbohydrate food sources include grain and grain products, vegetables , fruits, legumes, dairy products, and sugars. Carbohydrates can comprise 40 to 60 per cent of the calorie intake of the average human.


meat pork and fish protein as one of the 6 essential nutrients your body needs

Skin, muscle, and bones rely on nutritional protein for normal growth , production, and maintenance. In developed countries like the USA, having enough protein is rarely a concern. Complete animal proteins contain all the amino acids which your body needs for normal functioning. Food origins contain only partial proteins, indicating it requires certain amino acids. 


Yes you read that right, we need healthy fats in our diets! Fats often get a bad name, but recent studies have shown that good fats represent an essential part of a balanced diet.To build our cell membranes, protect our nerves and supply more energy than carbohydrates, fats are needed. Fats also aid us digest the fat-soluble vitamins A, D , E and K. 


Minerals tend to strengthen the body. They are important  for many body functions,  including building stronger bones and teeth, controlling the metabolism, and ensuring proper hydration. Calcium, copper, and zinc are one of the most common minerals. 

In order to strengthen the bones, calcium also serves to relay nerve impulses, promote high blood pressure, and muscle tension and relaxation. Iron helps the production of your red blood cells and hormones and zinc strengthens the immune system and heals the wounds faster.


Our body comprises 60 percent of water, which is essential to the proper working of all processes in the body. This helps cleanse the body of waste and contaminants, delivers vital nutrients to the organs, lubricates your joints and helps maintain your body temperature running.


Vitamins and minerals are one of the 6 essential nutrients which your body requires to function properly in small amounts. 

Through consuming a balanced and nutritious diet and taking supplements most people will be able to obtain all the nutrients they need. 

Get The Most Out of These 6 Essential Nutrients

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