If we consume healthy foods daily, you might ask this question: why do we need to take supplements with vitamins and minerals? We get all the nutrients that we need from consuming a large array of colorful foods, right? You may have learned that taking vitamins and minerals is just a waste of money and you should get everything you need from your food. You’re healthy if you consume a variety of foods, they claim. Or if you adopt a nutrient-dense diet full of high-quality ingredients there’s nothing to stress about.

Unfortunately these days our diets (regardless of how good they may seem) do not provide all the nutrients our bodies need for maximum performance. And if you’re the healthiest person on the earth, consuming just a diet focused on raw foods and rarely having something fried, you may always need certain vital vitamins and minerals.

What is Vitamin?

Vitamins are a particular category of substances necessary for the function, production, and growth of cells. Cells are the tiny structures that comprise our bodies, so vitamins are vital throughout our systems for all aspects of health and functionality. Vitamins help expand and build the body. They also perform essential roles in the body such as metabolism, immunity, and digestion.

Here are some vitamins and minerals which are vital for good health.

Vitamin A

Vitamin A is essential for healthy skin and eyes. It strengthens the immune system, reduces age-related deterioration in eye vision and is connected to optimal growth and development of the bone. Vitamin A deficiency is the primary cause of preventable childhood blindness worldwide, which raises the likelihood of illness and death. For more than half of all nations, it is a major concern, though it mostly impacts poorer areas. A deficiency can induce night blindness in pregnant women, and raise the likelihood of maternal mortality.

Vitamin C

benefits of vitamins and supplements to overall health

Ascorbic acid or which we called vitamin C is vitally essential since collagen is required. Without it, collagen can not be replaced, and muscles in the body break down, contributing to scurvy signs and symptoms. These also trigger muscle and joint discomfort, tiredness, red spots on the skin and gum leakage and swelling. 

Vitamin C is also an antioxidant which regenerates certain molecules such as vitamin E, enabling several applications as antioxidants. 

You will need to take a lot of vitamin C from supplements to hit the healthy upper limit.

B Vitamins

B vitamins are a group of eight vital nutrients, also referred to as the B-complex comprising B1, B2, B9, and B12. B vitamins promote balanced metabolism, energy levels, and may influence the attitude positively. They play roles in many organs and systems of the body too. Even though they may work together in the body, they do their own unique functions as well.

Vitamin E

You are unlikely to have vitamin E deficiencies because any excess is normally contained in your body. Vitamin E helps maintain healthy skin and regulates and reinforces an immune response

However, it is essential to fulfilling the daily requirement, since it is an antioxidant. An antioxidant inhibits oxidation, including defense against free radicals, and the resulting harm it may do. 

Where to Get All These Essential Vitamins and Supplements? 

Eating a balanced diet and taking daily vitamins and supplements is the perfect way to receive all the necessary vitamins you need.

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